Quality Control

To ensure our Packaging Natural Kraft Paper Roll, Packaging Brown Kraft Paper etc., are of best quality, we make use of:

  • Continuous R&D to ensure improvement in our products quality.
  • Coordinate with customers at every step and provide them right guidance for any specific problem.
  • Conduct strict sampling and testing of raw material quality prior to use in the production process.
  • Take all measures to abate pollution and meet necessary and statutory norms.

We ensure low bulk, proper cobb, proper bursting and ring crush, consistent gsm and size, high tensile in our products.

Environment Responsibility

Process water is recycled with the help of effluent treatment plant to minimize generation of effluent as well as consumption of fresh water.

We pay utmost attention at the time of selecting sources of energy, raw material, production process, product manufacturing etc., to ensure reduced waste generation, of any kind. Wherever possible, we take great care to conserve the depleting resources and protect environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Contributing our bit to the society, we take part in various community welfare initiatives for the well-being of individuals. We believe in spreading awareness about literacy in villages, making available medical assistance in remote areas and working for the betterment and welfare of the surrounding regions.

Journey Ahead

We look forward to entering new markets nationally and across the globe by keeping our clients content with our products such as Packaging Brown Kraft Paper and Packaging Natural Kraft Paper Roll, etc. and services.